Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The making of hansel's AW14 Fairy Lights campaign.

Some of you might already know that we hand make all our props in-house for our campaign shoots. What started off as an economic necessity (I wanted lots of fantastic props but didn't have the budget to have them made professionally) has turned into a signature house style of our photoshoots!

The past number of photoshoots have been art directed by my cousin, Ginny, who works as an art director in advertising. This season was my first attempt in a long while to completely art direct the shoot on my own!

To go with the theme of celebrations for the AW14 "Fairy Lights" collection, I imaged OVERSIZED party-themed props, sketched out the different scenes for each shot, and discussed with my design assistant who undertook the task of making all the props (with a little help from some special peeps)!

When I said oversized, I meant OVERSIZED.

The props got so large and took up so much space that our poor accountant was squeezed into a little corner to do her work!

This is our season's campaign girl, TV host and actress Nikki Muller, on set at the campaign photoshoot surrounded by the oversized props.

Sometimes the whole photoshoot crew gives a hand with the photo...

Here are some of the final campaign shots. See the entire campaign on the hansel website or hansel Facebook Page!

The crew behind the shoot!

After the props are used in the photoshoot, I decide what goes to the shop for display and what gets dismantled and recycled (they are mostly made of cardboard and paper afterall).

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Creation of the hello hansel Fairy Lights Printed Tee.

This is hansel's campaign girl, Nikki Muller, wearing our hello hansel Fairy Lights Printed Tee during our campaign photoshoot.

To create this t-shirt print design, I started by testing out a few different ways to draw the wires of the fairy lights.

Once I found one that I was happy with, I drew directly onto an life-size paper pattern of the t-shirt front.

I used some rhinestones to work out the exact positions of the printed light bulbs (which I would hand draw later).

A few more hours of tinkering and the final artwork is sent to the factories for printing!

So the next time you take a look at my work, look closely for the imperfections that are characteristics of my hand drawn artwork! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fabric print design for hansel AW14 Fairy Lights collection.

Have you seen the fabric prints for my new collection, AW14 Fairy Lights? 

These photos give you a little glimpse into my work processes, which are self taught. 
First of all, ideas. Who doesn't love a wall of inspiration? 

With an idea of the finished product in mind, I start to draw the things that go into the print.

My favourite drawing tools are this bamboo quill and a bottle of beautifully black Indian Ink.

After the artwork dries, I scan the image and experiment with it on Photoshop. I print out several versions to test the design before settling on a final one. This design below ended up as the "Coiled Lights" print on the rayon jersey range.

I try to create two to three prints each season. This doodle here became the "Fairy Lights" print on silk-finish polyester twill.

Making it all fit together in a repeat pattern.

I didn't like the original dots as light bulbs so drew new ones.

We receive strike-off lengths, or short lengths of test prints, for approval before the final bulk yardage is printed.

The final printed fabrics then get made into cute hansel outfits! :) 


Friday, July 18, 2014

hansel for Braun Buffel Art Project 2014.

Braun Buffel organized the Buffel Art Project and invited me to customize this beautiful wooden 3D figurine of their corporate logo.

Which I hand painted into this!
I call it "The Executive Brown Bull" who is always dressed in his Shenton Way best. I'll let him speak for himself...

Why HELLO there! I'm The Executive Brown Bull! See, I'm shaped exactly like Braun Buffel's logo.

And yes, I've had my coffee and I'm ready for my day at the office!

I've got my special schnazzy winner tie on…

And my shirt is neatly tucked in with my trusty leather belt…

Apart from a day at the office, I have to make an appearance at the ION Art gallery too. I've got a busy schedule!

Striking a smart pose all night long on my pedestal along with my fellow colleagues.

You know what was the best part about the show?

The ladies LOVED me! ;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

hansel for Anlene printed luggage bags

Have you seen these around your neighborhood?

In your local supermarket...

At the bus stop?

Or on YouTube?

Those are three of the ways that Anlene Singapore has publicized about the custom designed printed luggage bags that I have created for Anlene!
 (I am especially proud of the "hansel for Anlene" detail on the handle.) :)

Anlene targets the female consumer and wanted to emphasize that you need strong health (and bones) to pursue your passions, so I developed a print design that show women doing different types of activities in pursuit of their passions, ranging from traveling to baking to cycling! Here are some of the hand-drawn sketches made during design development.

I hope you get the opportunity to redeem the bag! If you do, post some photos of you using the bag and either email them to me or post them on Instagram and tag JOSOH_HANSEL. (Thank you!) Here's one I found on Instagram: