Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tea time in Osaka.

These were photographed in the wholesale F&B supplies market in Osaka, Japan. I LOVED  the retro coffee pots in all four colours. 
The snowmen tea sets are absolutely lovable and makes you smile even before you get your caffeine hit. 
The plastic serving trays in the shape of a bullet train, space rocket and car make me think why aren't adult serving trays just as fun? 


Loom said...

Hi! Those are really cute. May I know where is the F&B Supplier Market in Osaka? I'm heading there soon, thought of dropping by to pick up some of these lovelies. Cheers!

Jo Soh said...

Oh no I can't remember the name of the area but it's quite well known and if you asked the concierge they'll know where to direct you to! Sorry I can't be of much help!