Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Juliette Has A Gun perfume launch party at Black Market.

The grandson of fashion legend Nina Ricci, Romano Ricci, was in town to launch his perfume range called Juliette Has A Gun. There are 3 scents: Miss Charming (my personal favourite), Lady Vengeance and their signature scent, Citizen Queen.

I was chosen to be one of his three Brand Ambassadors for Singapore. Juliette Has A Gun is THE hottest edgiest niche fragrance in Paris and is sold in Colette, so it is pretty cool to have it selling in The hansel Shop, for the edgy cool Juliette spray girls to wear pieces from hansel's Robot Girl! collection and to have met Romano in person at the launch party held at Black Market.

Romano says he wears his fedora hat all the time, even in Singapore's hot and humid weather!

The fragrances are now available in The hansel Shop, so pop by! We have testers for you to try them out!

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