Sunday, January 24, 2010

CK fashion party at Queenstown Remand Prison.

CK held a surreal fashion event at the former Queenstown Remand Prison on Friday 22 Jan.

Even without fuel from rumours that the last inmates were shipped out of the premises just one day before the party, simply observing the grim structure and imagining what life might have been like for an inmate was enough to put a chill down my spine and feel completely ill at ease about downing the freeflow champagne.

We silently took in the size of each cell with its tiny windows, that toilet cisterns were installed OUTSIDE each cell and what appeared to might have been open-air shower cubicles right smack in the middle of a central courtyard. CK did a great job though, with the use of the space, especially with the strategic lighting and video installations. Overall, it had the atmosphere of a fine art show.

But I have to admit I felt relieved when I left the party!

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