Thursday, July 29, 2010

hansel interview on Japanese website, HITSPAPER.

Can you read Japanese?
If you can, read the interview I just did with influential Japanese design website, HITSPAPER!

Sylvia Ratonel wears hansel on Buffetlicious.

If you didn't catch Episode 9 of Buffetlicious on Channel 5, watch it here online!

Runner-up in the 2009 season of Singapore Idol, the very pretty, very talented Sylvia Ratonel wore hansel's Triple Bow Babydoll Knit Dress (from the "Paper Dolly" collection) in the show, as she sampled lots and lots of my current personal carb-sin: ICE CREAM!

In addition, she was at Swenson's - the restaurant from my childhood years! How excited was I to see the iconic, old fashioned stained glass lampshades! Their (in)famous Earthquake (with 8 scoops of ice cream and 8 toppings!) was present at almost every children's birthday party that I had attended at Swenson's. I still remember the dimly lit Swenson's branch at the old Plaza Singapura.

Yummm..... I'm thinking about the tub of ice cream that I have in my home freezer now...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sylvia Ratonel (of Singapore Idol fame) wears hansel!

Co-hosting with Michelle Chia, Sylvia Ratonel explores the legends of buffet spreads in Singapore on Buffetlicious, a weekly programme broadcasted every Tuesday on Channel 5 at 8pm. On tonight's episode, Sylvia wears hansel's Triple Bow Babydoll Knit Dress!

HOW she stays so slim despite all the abundance of food available at the buffets remains a mystery!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 days left to win the hansel for Maybelline New York "Zig Zag Zling Bag".

The end of July is coming!!!

They will stop selling Maybelline's limited edition Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara at the end of this month (they really meant it when they said "LIMITED"!) and that means the chance to be the owner of the Zig Zag Zling Bag as well!

Pop down to your local Watson's or Guardian Pharmacy and stock up on the mascara, open all the packaging first to see if you got The Golden Ticket, then return to the shop for more if you haven't got it! :-)

Here are some of the magazine coverage that I have received on the mascara and bag.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The hansel Pop Up Shop at Parco Shibuya, Tokyo. Now till 1 Aug 2010.

hansel's second pop up shop in Toyko is at the hugely popular fashion mecca Parco Shibuya in Shibuya, Tokyo! Open daily from 10am to 9pm, the shop runs from now till 1 August 2010.

So who's in Tokyo now??? :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday curiosities.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Salvation Army Family Store at Upper Serangoon Road and bought a few books plus a beautiful large wooden dining table for the home. I saw this fantastic wooden walking stick with its handle carved into the shape of a fierce cobra poised for attack (although with 2 fangs missing it didn't have that much of a bite - excuse the pun). The cobra's body was coiled around the rest of the stick. I couldn't help but to imagine the character of the man (or woman) who used this walking stick - I pictured a domineering patriarch seated at his ornate carved wooden chair in his huge villa with servants hurrying around. As a young man, he was cowardly and easily bullied. At age 46, he survived a near-fatal cobra attack. That episode had transformed his life, eliminating his fears and made him determined to live his life to the fullest. His custom-made walking stick was a daily reminder of his personal vow all through the remainder of his life.

Wow, talk about dramatic imagination.

On a totally different note, the other thing that caught my eye yesterday was an OVERSIZED lighter. How could one possibly misplace his lighter ever again?!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The completed LG videos!

Wow looks like a slew of videos on my blog posts lately! Well, here are another 2 for you!

These were the videos that I was doing the 2-day filming for. Produced by the Discovery Channel team, watch them here (under DISCOVERY VIDEOS) on the Korean electronics giant LG's website promoting their new Infinia TV.

It's fun to watch the videos inserted into an online image of their new TV!

These were my other posts with my behind-the-scenes snapshots of the filming process:
9 Jan 2010: "Catch me on the new LG borderless TV"
10 Jan 2010: "LG video filming Day 2"
11 Jan 2010: "LG video filming - cute props"
9 Feb 2010: "More LG filming behind-the-scenes photos"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hansel in SO-EN's July 2010 issue.

Not so much a fashion shopping oriented, SO-EN magazine focuses on the details of fashion design and I have been reading it since my teenage years, savouring every copy I could get my hands on.

And today, my work is in SO-EN itself.