Thursday, July 8, 2010

The completed LG videos!

Wow looks like a slew of videos on my blog posts lately! Well, here are another 2 for you!

These were the videos that I was doing the 2-day filming for. Produced by the Discovery Channel team, watch them here (under DISCOVERY VIDEOS) on the Korean electronics giant LG's website promoting their new Infinia TV.

It's fun to watch the videos inserted into an online image of their new TV!

These were my other posts with my behind-the-scenes snapshots of the filming process:
9 Jan 2010: "Catch me on the new LG borderless TV"
10 Jan 2010: "LG video filming Day 2"
11 Jan 2010: "LG video filming - cute props"
9 Feb 2010: "More LG filming behind-the-scenes photos"

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