Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday curiosities.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Salvation Army Family Store at Upper Serangoon Road and bought a few books plus a beautiful large wooden dining table for the home. I saw this fantastic wooden walking stick with its handle carved into the shape of a fierce cobra poised for attack (although with 2 fangs missing it didn't have that much of a bite - excuse the pun). The cobra's body was coiled around the rest of the stick. I couldn't help but to imagine the character of the man (or woman) who used this walking stick - I pictured a domineering patriarch seated at his ornate carved wooden chair in his huge villa with servants hurrying around. As a young man, he was cowardly and easily bullied. At age 46, he survived a near-fatal cobra attack. That episode had transformed his life, eliminating his fears and made him determined to live his life to the fullest. His custom-made walking stick was a daily reminder of his personal vow all through the remainder of his life.

Wow, talk about dramatic imagination.

On a totally different note, the other thing that caught my eye yesterday was an OVERSIZED lighter. How could one possibly misplace his lighter ever again?!

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