Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michelle Chia wears hansel on Buffetlicious.

In episode 10 of Buffetlicious, I must say that MediaCorp artiste Michelle Chia looked really quite stunning wearing the red silk satin version of our Bow Cami Dress! She made me look at my dress in a new light!

The other thing that caught my eye was the Straits Kitchen restaurant at the Grand Hyatt that they were eating in! OMG, my fellow Singaporeans would understand how hungry I got just looking at the laksa, prata, popiah..... OK the restaurant is on the atas (high class) side of things, but STILL, just to be surrounded by ALL the food that feeds both my senses and emotions! It's all food that I grew up with! That buffet looks like it could definitely ruin any attempts to stay on a strict diet.

Hmm.... perhaps next weekend.....

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bluelights said...

Michelle Chia is damn pretty & sexy esp in Buffetlicious!!