Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jo Soh iPhone covers.

A good friend of mine who loves her iPhone bought these customizable TREXTA iPhone covers for me to draw on. I drew these designs freehand with my trusty ZEBRA Name Pen.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More F1 fun!

More photos!
1) My F1 chequered flag look;
2) A BEAUTIFUL sunny day at the F1 race;
3) Look! It's chequered INSDIE the car body too!;
4) & 5) Industrial-type shots that I simply couldn't resist - I LOVE the contrasting bright colours and the diagonal stripes!



Monday, September 27, 2010

F1 races on Sunday at the Paddock Club.

The M Lounge in the Paddock Club was right above the Ferrari pit. That's Felipe Massa's car leaving the pit. Those are snaps of the Ferrari car in the pit stop (which did not last more than 3 seconds) and that's the trophy that Fernando Alonso won!

BTW, the "industrialist" in me loves the colours in the pit lane.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The making of the Lily the Lady campaign shoot.

First of all, I want to introduce to you the kind folks at Vanguard Designs who loaned me their buttercup yellow GILES Velocommute Bike for my Lily the Lady campaign shoot. (Maybe they should call it "LILY" now! Hee hee hee!) You simply have to check out the rest of the bikes that they have on their website - such beauties!

My personal favourite outfits in the shoot were the riding outfit for the bicycle scene and the layered Kimono Shirt Dress outfit. The silk scarf in hansel's own "Lace" print, the bold zigazag patterned knit sleeves peeking out from under the dress, the vintage bag (my own, bought from a thrift shop for $35 in Osaka) and the woolly socks with high heels make my little heart go pitter patter.

That's Kenneth Lee the hair and makeup artist by the way, fixing the model's hair. He's a master at his trade. And that very cute gurl in the maroon hat is Dani, my design assistant.

The making of the Lily the Lady shop interior.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lily the Lady shop interior at The hansel Shop.

Thanks to the purchase of 22 giant styrofoam balls for the oversized "pearl" necklace seen below, I got myself a free membership at Artfriend (the supplier of all things arts and crafts related).

And thanks to the hours of breathing in chemical fumes whilst handwriting each "cross stitched" alphabet bunting with a big fat marker, I got high. 8-)

I really do enjoy my shop decoration.

My interview on TEST SHOOT GALLERY.

Created by stylist Ashburn Eng, TEST SHOOT GALLERY has made a name for itself by actively promoting emerging talents in fashion in Singapore. Read my interview with them. I'm just not sure if my 7 years in the industry qualifies me as being a "veteran"! 8-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Martina V - THE Lily the Lady.

This is the model we worked with for our AW10 "Lily the Lady" campaign shoot. I liked her pretty down-to-earth girl-next-door look. Martina V is from Mannequin Studio - we work with them alot for our shoots.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Polka dot twins.

Popped into my shop the other day and noticed that The hansel Shop Girls were VERY well coordinated.


Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a Friend of Laphroaig.

Last Friday 3 Sept, I met Mr Robert Hicks who is the Master Blender at the Laphroaig Distillery in Islay, Scotland. The Laphroaig is my favourite single malt whisky. I started enjoying it at age 18 when I was living in the UK and was bored of my weekly ironing sessions so I bought a bottle to make them more fun!

I have tried some of their other ones (such as the special edition "Cairdeas" and the "Quarter Cask" created by Mr Hicks himself!) but I still love the 10 year old the best because of its strong peaty, smoky flavour. I call it my "alcoholic oolong tea".

During the whisky tasting, Mr Hicks mentioned that Friends of Laphroaig get their special "FOL" green tie. Being a fashion designer, I was really looking forward to getting one for myself at the end of the evening! It turned out that I'd made a mistake - he meant you'd get one if you joined FOL online - but the lovely man took off the tie he was personally wearing and handed it to me with a smile. I was quite embarrassed about taking his tie but accepted it after he insisted that it was alright!

There's something old school and traditional about the centrally positioned embroidered logo and the dark shade of teal that makes me LOVE the tie!

Thank you Mr Hicks! :-)