Saturday, September 18, 2010

The making of the Lily the Lady campaign shoot.

First of all, I want to introduce to you the kind folks at Vanguard Designs who loaned me their buttercup yellow GILES Velocommute Bike for my Lily the Lady campaign shoot. (Maybe they should call it "LILY" now! Hee hee hee!) You simply have to check out the rest of the bikes that they have on their website - such beauties!

My personal favourite outfits in the shoot were the riding outfit for the bicycle scene and the layered Kimono Shirt Dress outfit. The silk scarf in hansel's own "Lace" print, the bold zigazag patterned knit sleeves peeking out from under the dress, the vintage bag (my own, bought from a thrift shop for $35 in Osaka) and the woolly socks with high heels make my little heart go pitter patter.

That's Kenneth Lee the hair and makeup artist by the way, fixing the model's hair. He's a master at his trade. And that very cute gurl in the maroon hat is Dani, my design assistant.

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