Friday, December 30, 2011

Galle fort.

The Amangalla sits inside the walls of the fort town of Galle. A UNESCO world heritage site, the small town is permeated with a strong reminder of its long history everywhere you look. Some of the things that caught my eye...

A roughly made statue of school girls inside a school courtyard.

Curvilinear windows...

Some great graphics and shapes found on the architecture within the town.

My favourite was The Galle Library - a small cosy house with lots of wooden framed windows.

I liked that in keeping with the town's architecture, the YWCA sign was made from wood.

I don't know the significance of this but it looks like a large melon with a human face painted on, and strung up above a door. Would have been good to find out what it's for!

A street sign.

Arrow over the indicating lights on a truck.

A laid back lifestyle - a shop owner's pet dog snoozing on the shop floor.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Amangalla at night.

The verandah transformed into a cosy space at night - the perfect spot to pretend you're still in the romantic colonial days.

The main hall.
I liked the use of large bunches of bananas and coconuts placed atop dark wooden chests of drawers as display - unusual, modern yet down-to-earth.

The stairs that took me up to our room on the third and highest floor, and the corridor leading off to more rooms on the ground floor.

The schnazzy bar corner with its lil' stereo that pumped out big bang tunes.

Another view of the hall, looking toward the dining area.

I was constantly taking notes to record as much detail as I could, for my review.

Flipping through the guest book, I came across some drawings done by previous guests.

An elegant little sitting area.

Our butler in his pristine white attire consisting of a tunic-style shirt and sarong.

Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry is fascinating - the curry is but one small dish amongst a plethora of dishes, from vegetables to sambals to pickles.

Polished silver cigar holder and ash tray. That cigar's not mine as I do not smoke. It belonged to Mr Smith. ;-)

Our room at nigh. I bought that boat miniature off an old man on the beach. It's a replica of a traditional Sri Lankan fishing boat. I LOVE boats and sailing. :- )

Again, another shot of the room at night. Pretty nice, eh?

In our room, I was flipping through this book of old drawings and paintings of Sri Lanka's flora and fauna...

And found these paintings fascinating because they were drawn by the artist while he was sitting in one of these....


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Some months ago, I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to anonymously review the amazing Amangalla hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka, for Mr & Mrs Smith. Here are my snaps ( I must have taken literally hundreds of photos.). . .

The shaded front verandah where we had our meals.

My favourite breakfast of ruhuna (buffalo milk yoghurt) and palm sugar syrup! Yum!

I love how the local newspaper is called The Island - very apt!

One of my childhood favourites - putu mayam - small pancakes made from rice vermicelli. I used to consume lots of these with dessicated coconut and brown sugar. Mmm...

My eye notices that my denim skirt matches the blue tiles on the verandah floor...

Newly weds in traditional wedding clothes pose for photos in the park in front of the Amangalla.

The tranquil pool in the hotel grounds.

A hotel staff member in a refreshing white saree with a navy striped border.

The Amangalla used to be the New Oriental Hotel - in the library, artifacts from the old hotel sit alongside design books and magazines.

Absolutely elegant old fashioned navy umbrellas line up on the umbrella rack.

I couldn't resist a pose.

Marvel at the detail.
The Balcony right outside my hotel room overlooks...

THIS breath-taking view.

The room has a dining/study area with large windows.

Local Sri Lankan magoes all ripe and ready on a side table.

Back to elegant basics - Amangalla's note papers come inside a silver box next to a jar of sharpened pencils.

MORE photos in my next post!