Friday, March 25, 2011

A feast - kampung style!

After the fashion show and gift exchange and even more filming, I noticed this cool old Orang Asli woman with a simple graphic tee, bright floral sarung and a plaid backpack seated in the front row and went over to ask her what her t-shirt print said...

...someone told me it means something like "I am from the original person". (Correct translations are welcome!) She was even happy to pose for a photo (someone threw a cap on her head for the shot!).

After all that hard work it was feast time! I was very touched when I found out that each family in the village contributed a home-cooked. It felt like a warm, down-to-earth family meal - I LOVED it.

What's especially great about the food was that almost everything was grown in their gardens. This is REAL organic food. From the cassava to the tree-like leaves to the rice. Their home-made sambal was very different from what I usually have - made me feel all warm and tingly inside :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last day at the kampung - graduation show time!

The villagers decorate the hall for the night's "graduation ceremony".


Strike a pose.

Hasnah's kampung gangsta style - zigzag beanie and zigzag trimming.

The elders of the village get front row seats.

First, a traditional Orang Asli dance. (Hmm a Paul Smith tee and Orang Asli costume - VERY avant garde!) :-)

The fashion show finale with all 6 ladies wearing their own blouses.

Each pupil give me a gift after the show. Each gift was handmade!

Hasnah sprung a hug on me with a "I love you, Miss Jo!!!"

I catch Hasnah afterwards sitting in her kampung gangsta pose.

These are the gifts from the 6 ladies.

A message from the girl who got to attend a year long dressmaking course in KL for free!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singaporean filmmaker Wee Li Lin's movie "Forever".

Today is the last day to catch my old pal Wee Li Lin's movie "Forever". A Mandarin (with English subtitles) romance/comedy, this is Li Lin's second feature film. Li Lin's confidence and originality makes her a true hansel girl - I was dead proud that she wore hansel to her gala premiere. We recently gave away 5 pairs of tickets to "Forever" to 5 of our hansel VIPs (just to show that hansel loves our VIPs!) You can catch the film at Golden Village Vivocity and Plaza Singapura. (By the way, the now rather infamous Ris Low makes her film debut in "Forever"!)

Exploring an Orang Asli house on stilts.

I got my wish granted one evening when I paid a visit to the interpreter's home. Hamdan himself is from the Orang Asli village, and says that the house was built by the Malaysian government in the 1960s for the Orang Asli people. His family has been living in that house since then.

The front hall is sparsely furnished with Hamdan's athletic medals displayed on the wall with pride.

Another sparsely furnished room connected to the front hall. Family photos framed on the wall.

This is part of the kitchen wall towards the back of the house, with items hanging on the wall as storage.

A bedroom and bathroom are attached to the dining area in the back - this area sits on the ground, not on stilts. Beds are roll-up mattresses.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MORE drafting, cutting & sewing in the kampung!

I had sketched a short sleeved blouse with a standing collar and contrast belt that was inspired by the traditional weaving methods of the Orang Asli. I was supposed to make this blouse while I was there but that proved impossible when I later discovered that I needed to spend as much time as possible making sure the ladies finished their blouses.

I had put together some pictures from magazines on different blouse/shirt design possibilities, and also brought some of hansel's own blouses to show the villagers.

The cameraman (in the Channel 5 t-shirt) decides to test his sewing skills :-)

With the help of an interpreter, Handam, I talked through each lady on how she was to style her completed blouse for that evening's fashion show.

The crew filming the villagers as they rush to finish the blouses.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some interesting stuff from the trip.

The local way to package your takeaway tea. The straw is tied together with a bit of raffia string to your plastic packet drink. All three components are separate - this is different from what's commonly used in Singapore where the plastic bag has handles attached.

Take everything apart and with a bit of skill, tie the raffia to a corner of the plastic bag, insert straw and drink!

Freshly made sugar-covered doughnuts at a road-side stall.

We went for the goreng pisang (fried bananas) instead - there are 4 different types of bananas, and a whole bag for just SGD2!

In nearby Temerloh town, we buy sewing equipment from a mad haberdashery shop filled chock-a-block wall-to-wall with all types of ribbons, trims, baskets.... I think the purple display is used for holding wedding rings.

HAND-PAINTED Ray Ban sunglasses over bamboo blinds in front of an optician shop in Temerloh.

Modern street graffiti in Temerloh. Can anyone translate them for me please?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our accomodation in Pahang.

Old fashioned and intriguing and ever so slightly dodgy? The Cosy Inn in the nearby town of Mentakab in Pahang.

The building exterior.

The interior is perfect for a hansel photoshoot - authentically vintage and old school!

The furniture and fittings in my room were old and in an awful state - perhaps great for a photoshoot but not quite what I was looking for to spend 4 nights in.

Hotel room amenities . . . a mineral water bottle that was already opened, an air conditioner that did not work, used large slippers fit for giants' feet.

I feel sad just looking at the mirror, table and thin bath towels.

That was my room on the 2nd floor, right at the end in the corner.

Looking like a film set from a Wes Anderson film? (He's one of my favourite film directors!)