Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exploring an Orang Asli house on stilts.

I got my wish granted one evening when I paid a visit to the interpreter's home. Hamdan himself is from the Orang Asli village, and says that the house was built by the Malaysian government in the 1960s for the Orang Asli people. His family has been living in that house since then.

The front hall is sparsely furnished with Hamdan's athletic medals displayed on the wall with pride.

Another sparsely furnished room connected to the front hall. Family photos framed on the wall.

This is part of the kitchen wall towards the back of the house, with items hanging on the wall as storage.

A bedroom and bathroom are attached to the dining area in the back - this area sits on the ground, not on stilts. Beds are roll-up mattresses.

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