Friday, March 25, 2011

A feast - kampung style!

After the fashion show and gift exchange and even more filming, I noticed this cool old Orang Asli woman with a simple graphic tee, bright floral sarung and a plaid backpack seated in the front row and went over to ask her what her t-shirt print said...

...someone told me it means something like "I am from the original person". (Correct translations are welcome!) She was even happy to pose for a photo (someone threw a cap on her head for the shot!).

After all that hard work it was feast time! I was very touched when I found out that each family in the village contributed a home-cooked. It felt like a warm, down-to-earth family meal - I LOVED it.

What's especially great about the food was that almost everything was grown in their gardens. This is REAL organic food. From the cassava to the tree-like leaves to the rice. Their home-made sambal was very different from what I usually have - made me feel all warm and tingly inside :-)

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