Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last day at the kampung - graduation show time!

The villagers decorate the hall for the night's "graduation ceremony".


Strike a pose.

Hasnah's kampung gangsta style - zigzag beanie and zigzag trimming.

The elders of the village get front row seats.

First, a traditional Orang Asli dance. (Hmm a Paul Smith tee and Orang Asli costume - VERY avant garde!) :-)

The fashion show finale with all 6 ladies wearing their own blouses.

Each pupil give me a gift after the show. Each gift was handmade!

Hasnah sprung a hug on me with a "I love you, Miss Jo!!!"

I catch Hasnah afterwards sitting in her kampung gangsta pose.

These are the gifts from the 6 ladies.

A message from the girl who got to attend a year long dressmaking course in KL for free!

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