Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MORE drafting, cutting & sewing in the kampung!

I had sketched a short sleeved blouse with a standing collar and contrast belt that was inspired by the traditional weaving methods of the Orang Asli. I was supposed to make this blouse while I was there but that proved impossible when I later discovered that I needed to spend as much time as possible making sure the ladies finished their blouses.

I had put together some pictures from magazines on different blouse/shirt design possibilities, and also brought some of hansel's own blouses to show the villagers.

The cameraman (in the Channel 5 t-shirt) decides to test his sewing skills :-)

With the help of an interpreter, Handam, I talked through each lady on how she was to style her completed blouse for that evening's fashion show.

The crew filming the villagers as they rush to finish the blouses.

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