Friday, March 18, 2011

Our accomodation in Pahang.

Old fashioned and intriguing and ever so slightly dodgy? The Cosy Inn in the nearby town of Mentakab in Pahang.

The building exterior.

The interior is perfect for a hansel photoshoot - authentically vintage and old school!

The furniture and fittings in my room were old and in an awful state - perhaps great for a photoshoot but not quite what I was looking for to spend 4 nights in.

Hotel room amenities . . . a mineral water bottle that was already opened, an air conditioner that did not work, used large slippers fit for giants' feet.

I feel sad just looking at the mirror, table and thin bath towels.

That was my room on the 2nd floor, right at the end in the corner.

Looking like a film set from a Wes Anderson film? (He's one of my favourite film directors!)

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