Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some interesting stuff from the trip.

The local way to package your takeaway tea. The straw is tied together with a bit of raffia string to your plastic packet drink. All three components are separate - this is different from what's commonly used in Singapore where the plastic bag has handles attached.

Take everything apart and with a bit of skill, tie the raffia to a corner of the plastic bag, insert straw and drink!

Freshly made sugar-covered doughnuts at a road-side stall.

We went for the goreng pisang (fried bananas) instead - there are 4 different types of bananas, and a whole bag for just SGD2!

In nearby Temerloh town, we buy sewing equipment from a mad haberdashery shop filled chock-a-block wall-to-wall with all types of ribbons, trims, baskets.... I think the purple display is used for holding wedding rings.

HAND-PAINTED Ray Ban sunglasses over bamboo blinds in front of an optician shop in Temerloh.

Modern street graffiti in Temerloh. Can anyone translate them for me please?


Veira said...

Cool stuff!

First grafitti: Shhh, not allowed to disallow

Second grafitti: You are being observed


Jo Soh said...

Hey Veira, thanks very much for the translation!