Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saturday InDesign Singapore.

For one day only on Saturday 21 May 2011, hansel X Blow Inc X BusAds created an installation for Sydney-based habitus magazine at the inaugural Saturday InDesign Singapore show, located at 72-13 Mhd Sultan Road.

We turned the pages of habitus magazine from 2D to 3D! We took the silhouette of a chair, side table and lamp, cut from layers of stacked plywood (to represent the pages of a magazine) and prop up the cut-out shape to form a 2D-meets-3D reading corner.

A 3D version of the habitus magazine masthead for you to peer through. Get your friend to pose on the plywood furniture on the other side and snap a photo - loh and behold! You're in the magazine!

Here's a pop-up of the original silhouette of a chair, side table and reading lamp taken from the pages of habitus magazine.

Original magazine silhouette vs actual 3D plywood silhoette!

The "negative" space left after the silhouette is cut out.

The "positive" chunk propped up as a free standing reading area.

I pose.

And Michele from Blow Inc. poses!

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