Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mint Museum of Toys continued...

All these were seen in the Mint Museum of Toys. These were some of the other toys that caught my eye.

I thought this was rather an unusual theme for a toy - a preppy secretary doll complete with her own typing desk, typewriter, telephone and even a stand to prop up her documents for easy reading! And her name? MISS FRIDAY. Wow. Was it meant for little girls who yearned to work in the office typing up documents all day hmmm?

I LOVE these two-dimensional cloth dolls of two members of The Beatles - can't figure out if they're meant to be Paul, Ringo, George or John though.

A seductive lingerie-clad doll with a cigarette dangling from her mouth! Fantastically politically incorrect!

I have always LOVED this shark-shaped (or is it a killer whale?) submarine - great to see it in 3D form.

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