Saturday, August 20, 2011

hansel and hello hansel's AW11 lookbook.

I think this has to be my favourite lookbook photoshoot to date. (You can see all the pics here on The hansel FB Page.) hansel and hello hansel's AW11 collection finds them in the land of the Arabian Nights, of Alladin, magical flying carpets, faithful donkeys, Ali Baba and The 40 Thieves and other tales that held me enchanted when I was little.

My art director cousin Ginny and I worked together to determine the creative direction of this shoot. We both really wanted to feature more of my artwork that is what makes hansel so distinctive. The day before the shoot, I drew the backdrop of stars and sand dunes, plus lots and lots of props.

My personal favourite prop was the boa constrictor - that was Ginny's idea!

We shot in photographer Chase's studio in Little India.

The model Devon from Mannequin Models was great to work with! For several of the shots, she got it on the first try! It was literally "click" and "OK! We got it! Next outfit!"

Oh that sand... the photographer Chase very kindly helped us pick up some sand from the beach at midnight the night before the shoot. . .

I'm off camera, pulling on a transparent nylon fishing line to keep the donkey's nose up.

Genie, genie, on the sand. . .

One of the final shots.

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