Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warpaint at The hansel Shop.

An excited all-girl hansel team met the celebrated all-girl band Warpaint at The hansel Shop on Tues 2 Aug. The Warpaint girls were lovely and down-to-earth and spent about an hour and a half trying on clothes and styling each other.

Warpaint girls and hansel girls!

I really liked how Theresa Wayman gave the sweet, prim-and-proper Tiered Skirted Dress a rebellious edge with her tousled hair, fishnet stockings and (you can't see it in this shot) turquoise socks with black canvas high tops!

Stella Mozgawa gives the outfit a whole different vibe of HER own. ;-)

I had the chance to talk Stella through my next collection while the other girls were using the fitting rooms.

You can see more photos of Warpaint's visit to my shop here on The hansel FB Page.

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