Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LV Island Maison, Singapore.

The lady in the light blue dress is my film-maker friend, Wee Li Lin, wore what I would call vintage hansel to the opening party of the LV Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands. It's from hansel's 4th collection - AW06 "Nice Try!".

Her husband and my ex-Central St. Martins schoolmate (the tall guy in the blue shirt!), Charles Lim, had his works displayed in LV Island Maison's curated art space. Charles also recently won the Special Mention Award at the prestigious 68th Venice Film Festival!

Photo by Koon Foo.

Friday, September 23, 2011

SMRT Circle Line corporate party.

I contributed my message of congratulations to SMRT on the completion of the Circle Line in a video that was played during the corporate celebrations held inside the new Botanic Gardens MRT train station.
Go on, call me a nerd, but I was really thrilled when I was invited to attend the party!
(Hang on, with my glasses, I AM a nerd!) 8-)

WOW! It would be wonderful if all MRT train stations looked like this!

I received my HOT PINK card detailing the afternoon's events plus a sparkly sparkly sparkly EZ Link card! Yaaaay! I'm going to put this one inside a clear plastic protective case. Hee hee hee...

Passers-by were really intrigued by the Flogos machine that was churning out SMRT logo-shaped foam pieces that floated away in the air.

Ooooh! There's one coming out now!

And up it goes! Hey guys, look up!

Hey look at that - if you rotate that SMRT logo, the shape looks like a currency sign.

I had arrived fashionably late for the party so I was up on the mezzanine overlooking the stairs leading down to the train platform where most of the other guests were. So this is the shot from the back of the performance area...

And this is how it looks on the several TV screens that were positioned around the mezzanine floor.

Hmm... kinda reminds me of Glee...

This is the train platform post-party.

Oh my! For the first time in my life I saw a free flow Tiger beer bar inside a MRT station!

I simply HAD to pose with the SMRT staff near the Tiger beer barman to remember this absolutely rare occurrence!

Where's everyone RUSHING to???

I also HAD to go "vogue" in the brand new utterly clean washroom - hey why not??!! :-)

Here's me mimicking (and overly dramatizing, of course) the ugly commuters who blatantly ignore queues and the people who are trying to get OFF the train in order to get in first!

Here I am, being completely relaxed in the train that took us to One North MRT station.
Another shot that I knew I would never have the chance again to snap, so I SNAPPED! ;-)


I love all things industrial so this is absolutely fascinating for me!

Wow that was possibly the first time I had so much FUN inside an MRT station! Woohoo! :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage coloured pencils from 1984.

These belonged to my brother when he was in primary school. But being the "artist" in the family, I naturally inherited them from him.

Staedtler is still making these - look at their website. Interestingly, they are classified under "Toys". Look at how their front sailing scene artwork has changed since 1984.

Appears that Brown and White were popular colours with my bro.

Ooooh tips on colour mixing and shading in the back of the box.

And a place to clearly mark your property.

The side of the box shows an outline of a pencil and indicates which end of the box to open to get to the pencil tips! Hmmm so well thought out.

Monday, September 19, 2011


A croc with a naval style anchor tattoo single-handedly balances a container on one shoulder while sitting inside a red ring like a park swing. Oh and he looks surprised too, like we caught him red handed while doing something that he shouldn't.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maybelline media launch.

My team and I had a really fun time at Maybelline's media launch last Friday. A New York loft style space - inspired by Pop Art - was created on the entire floor of the Nomu private residential apartments.

hansel's first "wall"! Cool!
The "fashion styling room" - where hansel's collection and Steve Madden shoes were all ready for the press to play fashion stylists with their allocated models. (LOVE the red/white striped wall!)

I love this shot. Hee hee :-) That's Shengjuan - she handles hansel's sales & marketing.

Model Azuza (on the left) is from Melbourne. Here the models wait backstage while the press is being briefed on what they have to do.

Australian model Olivia hails from Byron Bay. Lucky girl!
Azuza and Olivia are both from Mannequin.

After the press moved on to the hair and makeup "rooms", we checked that the models' outfits were labeled with the models' names to avoid a mix up.

The VERY attractive press kit that was given out!

The new Maybelline Pure BB Mousse, Falsies Mascara and EIGHT lipsticks! We joked about dividing our lips into 8 sections and applying a different colour to each section so we could wear all the colours at once!

A planner for the new year...

And printed tee!

Thank you Maybelline!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Model castings at my shop.

Snaps from model castings at my shop last night for a Maybelline New York media launch tomorrow. It's always amazing how a wearer breathes life into something that I have focused on in the past months as a drawing, or a printed fabric swatch or a sample hanging on a rack.

These models are from Mannequin. The long dark haired beauty is Azusa and that's Veronika with her happy, bouncy curls! They are both wearing pieces from our AW11 Flyaway Donkey collection.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The making of The hansel Shop decor for AW11 Flyaway Donkey.

Have you seen this season's shop decor at The hansel Shop? Guests who attended the AW11 collection launch were transported straight into Ali Baba's treasure cave!

The hansel team worked very hard till 3 in the morning to set up the shop for the new collection and here's my chance to publicly THANK each and every one of them for sweating and toiling that night. :-) I am very lucky to have such a team behind hansel!

So here's what went into the shop decor...

We wanted to bring the cartoon-like treasure chest to life, so my Production Merchandiser chipped in to help make the shop decorations by first making a very small paper model.

Which then developed into a life-sized version made from recycled cardboard. (The brochure photo shows how we want our end product to look like.)

Cartoon diamonds were also brought into the 3D realm, again, with recycled cardboard which were then covered with white paper...

... and all the edges carefully drawn in by hand.

Voila! We got diamonds!

Small foam-bead "money bags" with hand-cut felt dollar signs. We stained the fabric in Chinese tea overnight to get the age-worn look.

Paper gem mobiles all ready for the shop ceiling.

I used two different tones of metallic gold paint for the clouds.

The donkey on the flying carpet was drawn in afterwards.

Then I thought a moon was a good detail to draw in too.

Here's the team working away at the shop late at night!

Plastic animals from my personal collection.

The treasure chest also acts as a lucky draw box...

...Lift the lid to find it "filled" with 2D gems and a hole to stick your hand in and search for that one marked ping pong ball that'll give you that hansel voucher that you've been eyeing on...

The set up on the main table when we left at 3am. The next day, I got boxes of gold chocolate coins and scattered them all over the table. Lately, I have noticed that the number of chocolate coins seem to be getting less and less.

Who's been eating my decorations??? :-)