Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maybelline media launch.

My team and I had a really fun time at Maybelline's media launch last Friday. A New York loft style space - inspired by Pop Art - was created on the entire floor of the Nomu private residential apartments.

hansel's first "wall"! Cool!
The "fashion styling room" - where hansel's collection and Steve Madden shoes were all ready for the press to play fashion stylists with their allocated models. (LOVE the red/white striped wall!)

I love this shot. Hee hee :-) That's Shengjuan - she handles hansel's sales & marketing.

Model Azuza (on the left) is from Melbourne. Here the models wait backstage while the press is being briefed on what they have to do.

Australian model Olivia hails from Byron Bay. Lucky girl!
Azuza and Olivia are both from Mannequin.

After the press moved on to the hair and makeup "rooms", we checked that the models' outfits were labeled with the models' names to avoid a mix up.

The VERY attractive press kit that was given out!

The new Maybelline Pure BB Mousse, Falsies Mascara and EIGHT lipsticks! We joked about dividing our lips into 8 sections and applying a different colour to each section so we could wear all the colours at once!

A planner for the new year...

And printed tee!

Thank you Maybelline!

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