Friday, September 23, 2011

SMRT Circle Line corporate party.

I contributed my message of congratulations to SMRT on the completion of the Circle Line in a video that was played during the corporate celebrations held inside the new Botanic Gardens MRT train station.
Go on, call me a nerd, but I was really thrilled when I was invited to attend the party!
(Hang on, with my glasses, I AM a nerd!) 8-)

WOW! It would be wonderful if all MRT train stations looked like this!

I received my HOT PINK card detailing the afternoon's events plus a sparkly sparkly sparkly EZ Link card! Yaaaay! I'm going to put this one inside a clear plastic protective case. Hee hee hee...

Passers-by were really intrigued by the Flogos machine that was churning out SMRT logo-shaped foam pieces that floated away in the air.

Ooooh! There's one coming out now!

And up it goes! Hey guys, look up!

Hey look at that - if you rotate that SMRT logo, the shape looks like a currency sign.

I had arrived fashionably late for the party so I was up on the mezzanine overlooking the stairs leading down to the train platform where most of the other guests were. So this is the shot from the back of the performance area...

And this is how it looks on the several TV screens that were positioned around the mezzanine floor.

Hmm... kinda reminds me of Glee...

This is the train platform post-party.

Oh my! For the first time in my life I saw a free flow Tiger beer bar inside a MRT station!

I simply HAD to pose with the SMRT staff near the Tiger beer barman to remember this absolutely rare occurrence!

Where's everyone RUSHING to???

I also HAD to go "vogue" in the brand new utterly clean washroom - hey why not??!! :-)

Here's me mimicking (and overly dramatizing, of course) the ugly commuters who blatantly ignore queues and the people who are trying to get OFF the train in order to get in first!

Here I am, being completely relaxed in the train that took us to One North MRT station.
Another shot that I knew I would never have the chance again to snap, so I SNAPPED! ;-)


I love all things industrial so this is absolutely fascinating for me!

Wow that was possibly the first time I had so much FUN inside an MRT station! Woohoo! :-)

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