Monday, October 31, 2011

Cappuccino for a Cause, Part 2.

The charity event at Gloria Jean's Coffees at Plaza Singapura was something fun and different to do on a Saturday afternoon!

We donned these "Cappuccino for a Cause" tees when we started working behind the counter.

My weapons of the day - cocoa powder and chocolate sauce.

I seem obsessed with polka dots and circles that day as I decorated the foam tops on mugs of cappuccinos. I did a few with graphic cocoa powder polka-dots but didn't snap a photo of what I made. Doh! If anyone out there has a shot, please email it to me at Thanks!!!


That's model/host Linda Black decorating a cappuccino while actor Adrian Pang looks on.

While we shake our cocoa powder, the gorgeous Dawn Ho gets the crowd to shake their booties with her sultry voice and infectious rhythm (while wearing our "hello hansel" dress, of course).

I hope we raised good money for Grace Haven that Saturday! :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cappuccino for a Cause

I'm trying my barista skills tomorrow at Gloria Jean's Coffees' new cafe (Plaza Singapura Level 5) for a good cause. I also donated some of my drawings for a silent auction - these 4 pieces were done while working as a children art teacher many many years ago!

The entire day's proceeds go to Grace Haven - a charity home for youths. Happening from 12pm to 7pm on Sat 29 Oct 2011.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Charles The Happy Vacuum Cleaner.

How to humanize almost anything.

Especially charming in the back of a messy pick up truck, Charles is from the UK company, Numatic.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Money, money, money...

This money lender's namecard landed in my letterbox today.
Hey those look familiar - is he giving away the money bags from my shop display???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This case contains 28 cans of 28 Black and these arrived at just the right time because I have been clocking in the hours at the studio. It's a nice surprise gift that was delivered out of the blue in the middle of my work day. . .

A sleek black box...

A thoughtful display of the signature matt black tin cans when you open the box. . .

A pretty daring claim!

I was sitting at my desk doing desk work when I tried it the first time, so what I got was this BUZZ zipping through my veins with my hairs standing on their ends while my mind feels like it's about to take off like a super sonic jet.

The second time I tried it, I was running around the studio getting things, measuring things, scanning things, getting up and sitting down - that's when I realized how I should be tapping its POWER. Down one of these before a workout and you will WORK OUT! I can see it could potentially be a huge hit as a mixer to concoct a drink that would keep you dancing ALL NIGHT.

Personally, I would need 48 hours in a day, while everyone else gets 24. Could they concoct a drink that could make that happen just for me? :-)

Thank you, 28 Black.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nikki Muller and her gift of turrones.

Bubbly host Nikki Muller came for a fitting session at my shop last week for her upcoming Channel News Asia programme called TRENDSPOTTING. She'll be wearing hansel while hosting the new show! Yaay!

Also yaay! to the little gift she'd brought from Spain. (So sweet & thoughtful of her!)
I was immediately intrigued by the packaging!

Look at this!
Individual threads stuck together, side by side, forming a thin ribbon. What are the origins of this? Why was it made like this? Why not just loose threads? Why painstakingly stuck together, yet able to be pulled apart?

I love the texture that the individual threads created. It was a rustic feel compared to smooth satin ribbons. Quite befitting the traditional hand-made dessert that's inside the packaging!

Look at that! It's like a big slab of butter! Even the wrapping foil looks like the foil used to wrap butter with.

Planelles Donat appears to be very famous in Barcelona for producing traditional sweets.

Look at the hand-drawn pictures of people (presumably) shopping at the original Planelles Donat shop!

And this is a slab of turrones - the Xixona Granulat to be precise.

Made of almonds, honey and sugar, it is oily, it is nutty, it is sweet, it has a crumbly texture and it melts in your mouth! It is an INTENSE dessert and can only be consumed in small amounts each time.

Fascinating. :-)
Thank you, Nikki!