Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This case contains 28 cans of 28 Black and these arrived at just the right time because I have been clocking in the hours at the studio. It's a nice surprise gift that was delivered out of the blue in the middle of my work day. . .

A sleek black box...

A thoughtful display of the signature matt black tin cans when you open the box. . .

A pretty daring claim!

I was sitting at my desk doing desk work when I tried it the first time, so what I got was this BUZZ zipping through my veins with my hairs standing on their ends while my mind feels like it's about to take off like a super sonic jet.

The second time I tried it, I was running around the studio getting things, measuring things, scanning things, getting up and sitting down - that's when I realized how I should be tapping its POWER. Down one of these before a workout and you will WORK OUT! I can see it could potentially be a huge hit as a mixer to concoct a drink that would keep you dancing ALL NIGHT.

Personally, I would need 48 hours in a day, while everyone else gets 24. Could they concoct a drink that could make that happen just for me? :-)

Thank you, 28 Black.

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