Monday, October 31, 2011

Cappuccino for a Cause, Part 2.

The charity event at Gloria Jean's Coffees at Plaza Singapura was something fun and different to do on a Saturday afternoon!

We donned these "Cappuccino for a Cause" tees when we started working behind the counter.

My weapons of the day - cocoa powder and chocolate sauce.

I seem obsessed with polka dots and circles that day as I decorated the foam tops on mugs of cappuccinos. I did a few with graphic cocoa powder polka-dots but didn't snap a photo of what I made. Doh! If anyone out there has a shot, please email it to me at Thanks!!!


That's model/host Linda Black decorating a cappuccino while actor Adrian Pang looks on.

While we shake our cocoa powder, the gorgeous Dawn Ho gets the crowd to shake their booties with her sultry voice and infectious rhythm (while wearing our "hello hansel" dress, of course).

I hope we raised good money for Grace Haven that Saturday! :-)

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