Thursday, November 3, 2011

A mini-retrospective of Air France's stewardess uniforms.

It's a really small display (about 5 or 6 outfits) in the lobby of the Alliance Francaise Singapore, but wow, I'm besotted with the Air France uniform designed by Balenciaga in 1969! See below...
A pale pink skirt suit with a navy cap and bow.

And look at how their badge was embroidered on a pale pink fabric base to match the outfit!

I love that scarf!

And check out that colourful striped hanky tucked into the pocket!

What I also noticed was that the uniforms did not have to stick to the corporate colours of Air France, which made each new design that much more refreshing!

Oh the little things that excite me. . . :-)


Gracie said...

OH MY. Thanks for putting this up Jo! The pale pink suit is so cute! My sentiments with you on that classy yet quirky scarf.


Jo Soh said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! :-)