Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back in the village.

We arrive at a different small hall built near the entrance of the village to check on the progress of the women's weaving. . .
Nor Ek, the leader of the weaving group, was busy weaving a cool geometric pattern for a clutch bag prototype.

The unfinished clutch bag.

This was Nor Ek's first attempt to weave a box with a lid. I thought it was nice to capture a photograph before the extra lengths were trimmed off.

While the ladies weave on, we visit some villagers at their homes.
If this isn't the classic idyllic kampung scene, then I don't know what is!

Some of the villagers keep small monkeys as pets.

Monkey with its owner.

We also visited a nearby timber factory where many of the villagers worked.

I learnt that a young girl whose job was to move cut timber around earns just RM18 per day!!!

Striking old fashioned truck outside the factory.

Two boys from the village had been trailing the Channel News Asia cameraman and soundman all day, and decided to become a film crew as well! The "camera" made from an empty tissue box and a cut-up mineral water bottle. The "boom" was simply a long branch with a soft drink bottle stuck on top!

The real cameraman was so impressed with their creativity he had to snap a photo.
(Oh the "soundman" was carrying the camera too because the "cameraman" had gone to the washroom.)

Checking into a hotel in the nearby town of Temerloh. Interesting decor... pretty feminine PEACH wallpaper with BLUE doors.

The pattern could make a pretty print for a blouse....

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