Friday, December 30, 2011

Galle fort.

The Amangalla sits inside the walls of the fort town of Galle. A UNESCO world heritage site, the small town is permeated with a strong reminder of its long history everywhere you look. Some of the things that caught my eye...

A roughly made statue of school girls inside a school courtyard.

Curvilinear windows...

Some great graphics and shapes found on the architecture within the town.

My favourite was The Galle Library - a small cosy house with lots of wooden framed windows.

I liked that in keeping with the town's architecture, the YWCA sign was made from wood.

I don't know the significance of this but it looks like a large melon with a human face painted on, and strung up above a door. Would have been good to find out what it's for!

A street sign.

Arrow over the indicating lights on a truck.

A laid back lifestyle - a shop owner's pet dog snoozing on the shop floor.

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