Monday, December 12, 2011

KL - graduation day at the YWCA.

I awoke to a glorious day in KL.

And snapped a picture of the buildings that I liked.
I like the jigsaw-style Cubism going on here in this building.

Naturally, I like the graphic lines on this one.

It is Hanizah's graduation day at the YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre on Jalan Hang Hebat in KL. She's the girl whom I had selected about 10 months ago on the first episode of Channel News Asia's "Once Upon A Village" programme to embark on a course in Tailoring and Sewing. Hanizah is the girl seated second from right, holding onto her graduation programme. She sits with her new-found friends and they are all excited and emotional at this milestone of their lives.

The hall was full of families seated on one side and graduates seated on the other.

Here's the photo of the graduating batch for 2011 - you can see Hanizah's fair face peaking out from behind another girl, right in the center of this snap shot.

After sitting through almost an hour of speeches, the giving out of certificates begins and here's Hanizah proudly holding onto hers. (And here's my cheesy teeth-blaring smile)

After everyone clears out of the hall, the cameraman captures some last moments that Hanizah shares with her friends...

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