Tuesday, December 13, 2011


After the graduation ceremony, we went round to look at the graduates' works.

We enter into the Sewing And Tailoring school's very feminine classroom with all the things that they'd sewn on display.

Charming hand-drawn and very handicraft style displays of the different tools of the trade adorn their classroom walls.

This I LOVED the most! A naive-style drawing of a woman on styrofoam board to demonstrate the various measurement points on the body.

I LOVE this face!!! What a beautiful portrait!!!

A curious 3D papier mache model of sewing machine sits in a corner of the classroom with miniature versions of sewing tools stuck to its side.

Fabulous magazine and fabric collage!!!

This was over in the Hairdressing school.
This display was so scary, I simply HAD to snap a picture!


Look at these whimsical proposals for nail art!

Vivid colours to be found in the Culinary school!

My version of a "cup noodle".
(The canteen ran out of plates.)

We took Hanizah and her sister to the huge Pavilion mall to visit the retail shop of Hanizah's future-employer, Xixili lingerie, and did more filming there.
Hanizah LOVES the colour purple hence the main reason for taking this photo.

"Wow....." The sisters admiring the Christmas display in the mall. They stood there for a few minutes taking it all in before we had to pack back into the van to head back to their home village.

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