Friday, January 20, 2012

Photoshoot for Reebonz.

OK so I'm not allowed to reveal the purpose of this photoshoot just yet, but here are some behind-the-scenes snaps of the shoot that Wong Weiling (MD at Tuber Productions, the publisher of CATALOG magazine) and I did for Reebonz, a members-only online shop for discount luxury brands. The shoot location was the Reebonz Space on the 7th floor of Clifford House, right in the heart of the financial district of Raffles Place. Check out all that space!!!

The very tall and elegant Weiling and me in between shots - my Havaianas are the mode of transport in between sky-high Louboutins and Miu Mius!
Weiling helped to pull the accessories to complement my hansel dresses. I liked the mustard yellow dress look the best!
Weiling sporting our new hello hansel knit dress from our Spring/Summer 2012 collection (due to launch Feb 2012, by the way1)
Going through the clothes that Reebonz had on offer was like going through a luxury label walk-in wardrobe!
Oh, Louboutins or Prada? Miu Miu or Gucci?
Decisions, decisions!
First shot - Weiling perches on a "staircase" laden with Chanel bags while the straps of my wedge heels are being tied and untied to achieve the perfect bow.
I thought I might as well help out the photographer's assistant and help hold up the reflective screen!
2nd shot - hold that bag very very still, please!!!
3rd shot - yes, you can go ahead and zoom in on my Louboutins.
Here's a sneak peek at what the 3 shots look like!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One more post on my adventures in Australia! This one's dedicated to COLOURS!

A tomato farm sets up a self-service retail cart at its farm entrance alongside the highway to Flinders, Mornington Peninsula.

It's based on a trust system - you put your money into the sealed box...
...and pick up your bag of tomatoes! They are SO SWEET! And just look at that beautiful Tomato Red!
Then there's freshly picked cherries from the farm too - nice Cherry Red...
And of course, fresh strawberries from Sunny Ridge strawberry farm plus their absolutely to-die-for strawberry ice cream. Strawberry Red!
Down by the beach at Mornington, pops of colors on their traditional beach boxes and an old fashioned style striped beach umbrella!
Spotted in a friend's backyard - a Faded Blue/Green succulent plant with contrasting Pink/Purple/Yellow flowers! So pretty!
Last but not least, accidental cool color combinations in a snapshot of my Lilac disposable plastic cup, my Mustard Yellow dress and Green slippers.

I love the effect that these cheery colours have on me - it's definitely colour therapy. :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Singapore Art Museum.

SAM's got two great art shows on right now:

1. The Singapore Show: Future Proof features 25 young Singaporean artsts' works. This show is at SAM at 8Q and runs through 15 April 2012.

2. The Collectors Show: Chimera features art from 21 private collections around the world! See them at SAM itself. This show runs through to 25 March 2012.

I went along to the show opening and spent a few hours absorbing all the theories, questions and statements posed in the works. Here's a few snaps.

My artist friend Charles Lim's photos of buoys that mark the imaginary border line around Singapore. He photographed the view from inside Singapore waters and the view from outside.

This is a sight to behold! Crystals grown on loaves of bread!

A miniature "city" made entirely from various glass containers. This is by another artist friend Donna Ong.

This laser installation in the old chapel at SAM (the SAM building was originally St Joseph's Institution - an all-boys Catholic school) was breathtaking. I think these photos do no justice to the feeling of being in that room!

I hope you have the chance to go see the shows before they're gone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Messy Msxi's breakfast barter.

At dim sum yesterday, I took up Messy Msxi's breakfast barter challenge and drew what I ate on her charming printed table setting templates. It feels good to start drawing outside of work.

Clockwise from top: One steamed custard bun, two stalks of vegetables and one siew mai. Naturally, all drawn from bird's eye view to suit the angle of the template.

Then I exchanged my drawing...

...for one of Messy Msxi's photo cards!
I chose one showing McDonald's Big Breakfast on a polka-dot table mat.

Happy trading!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's still Christmas!

I returned to my studio from lunch to find this sitting on my desk!

Ooooh it's a Christmas present from kikki.K! Yaay!
(I later learnt that I had missed a proper Christmas delivery because I was away in Melbourne.)

There's something fascinating with striped string - it conjures prettiness, sweetness, childlikeness and when I actually open that present, very possibly happiness too! :-)

And happiness is a bright red diary!!!

Hmmm... someone must have been telling kikki.K that I'm an old school girl who likes to write her schedule down on paper. Great! Time to throw out the dull one I picked up at the airport departure lounge and get going with my very very pretty red one.

Oooh a sweet ice cream printed pen to go with the diary too!
Thank you so much, kikki.K! Thank you for the lurve! :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A theatre night out in Melbourne!

We were terribly lucky to snag great seats for Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest at the Melbourne Theatre Company. Just 4 rows away from the stage, we were completely enthralled by Geoffrey Rush and the other members of the fantastic cast as they acted out this age-old play against one of the most awesome stage set designs I have ever seen!

A HUGE pop-up book featuring artwork from Aubrey Beardsley - each turn of a page indicates a change in the acts.

Everything was FANTASTIC - the stage design, the costumes, the actors, the lines - simply put, THE PLAY WAS AMAZING. See more photos here on The Herald Sun's review.

We were so speechless after the play that we needed to chill out! We headed over to The Melbourne Supper Club on Spring Street.

Located on the second floor with a large window facing the street, you could easily miss its entrance if you didn't pay attention!

Here's the entrance - a single wooden door with a sliver of a sign!

Despite the nondescript entrance, it is warm and cosy inside!

Check out all those bottles on the bar! They serve a CRAZY FANTASTIC sticky date pudding which was SO GOOD I forgot to take photos of it and just gobbled it all down!

On the rooftop is Siglo bar. They have the same menu as The Melbourne Supper Club, but for some reason, it's called a different name.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Charlie Sublet.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was at Abbotsford Convent to visit an artist friend who had a studio there. He is Charlie Sublet. He is a photographer and we bought some works from him while we were at his studio. One of them was this intriguing art-in-a-matchbox concept - inside this iconic Redheads matchbox...

....are a set of 10 miniature "polaroids"!

The photos are also available in big "normal" sizes, but I thought that these super tiny ones had their own unique charm. I can't wait to frame them up individually - gotta find super duper tiny picture frames!

Spotted in Charlie's studio were packs of the Redheads matchboxes. I LOVE the eye-catching graphic packaging!

This is the view from Charlie's studio window of the central courtyard - his studio is one of a row of rooms on the floor, and these used to be the bedrooms for the nuns who used to live and work in the convent.

Charlie's work area.

That's Charlie himself having a chat with a friend!
Be sure to visit Charlie's website and order a matchbox miniature set of photos for yourself!