Monday, January 2, 2012

A bike ride in Galle.

Venturing outside the fort, we took to bicycling in the lush rice paddy fields...

Our guide took us to a traditional mud house for our rest stop.

A cool little horse-inspired carved wooden chair.

We also popped into a Buddhist temple.

The rotunda on the left is actually a school!

It was vacation time so all the school tables and benches were piled up in the center of the round space.

The temple buildings are pristine white on the outside...

And super technicolour beautiful on the inside!

After our bike ride, we cooled down by the beach.

That's a fisherman fishing whilst standing on a raised piece of rock amid the strong swirling currents. It was still the tail end of the monsoons so the currents was too strong to swim around in.

And this is my last posting on my Galle trip! What a beautiful place. I will definitely revisit. :-)

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