Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Charlie Sublet.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was at Abbotsford Convent to visit an artist friend who had a studio there. He is Charlie Sublet. He is a photographer and we bought some works from him while we were at his studio. One of them was this intriguing art-in-a-matchbox concept - inside this iconic Redheads matchbox...

....are a set of 10 miniature "polaroids"!

The photos are also available in big "normal" sizes, but I thought that these super tiny ones had their own unique charm. I can't wait to frame them up individually - gotta find super duper tiny picture frames!

Spotted in Charlie's studio were packs of the Redheads matchboxes. I LOVE the eye-catching graphic packaging!

This is the view from Charlie's studio window of the central courtyard - his studio is one of a row of rooms on the floor, and these used to be the bedrooms for the nuns who used to live and work in the convent.

Charlie's work area.

That's Charlie himself having a chat with a friend!
Be sure to visit Charlie's website and order a matchbox miniature set of photos for yourself!

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