Friday, January 13, 2012

It's still Christmas!

I returned to my studio from lunch to find this sitting on my desk!

Ooooh it's a Christmas present from kikki.K! Yaay!
(I later learnt that I had missed a proper Christmas delivery because I was away in Melbourne.)

There's something fascinating with striped string - it conjures prettiness, sweetness, childlikeness and when I actually open that present, very possibly happiness too! :-)

And happiness is a bright red diary!!!

Hmmm... someone must have been telling kikki.K that I'm an old school girl who likes to write her schedule down on paper. Great! Time to throw out the dull one I picked up at the airport departure lounge and get going with my very very pretty red one.

Oooh a sweet ice cream printed pen to go with the diary too!
Thank you so much, kikki.K! Thank you for the lurve! :-)

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