Thursday, January 19, 2012

One more post on my adventures in Australia! This one's dedicated to COLOURS!

A tomato farm sets up a self-service retail cart at its farm entrance alongside the highway to Flinders, Mornington Peninsula.

It's based on a trust system - you put your money into the sealed box...
...and pick up your bag of tomatoes! They are SO SWEET! And just look at that beautiful Tomato Red!
Then there's freshly picked cherries from the farm too - nice Cherry Red...
And of course, fresh strawberries from Sunny Ridge strawberry farm plus their absolutely to-die-for strawberry ice cream. Strawberry Red!
Down by the beach at Mornington, pops of colors on their traditional beach boxes and an old fashioned style striped beach umbrella!
Spotted in a friend's backyard - a Faded Blue/Green succulent plant with contrasting Pink/Purple/Yellow flowers! So pretty!
Last but not least, accidental cool color combinations in a snapshot of my Lilac disposable plastic cup, my Mustard Yellow dress and Green slippers.

I love the effect that these cheery colours have on me - it's definitely colour therapy. :-)

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