Thursday, January 12, 2012

A theatre night out in Melbourne!

We were terribly lucky to snag great seats for Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest at the Melbourne Theatre Company. Just 4 rows away from the stage, we were completely enthralled by Geoffrey Rush and the other members of the fantastic cast as they acted out this age-old play against one of the most awesome stage set designs I have ever seen!

A HUGE pop-up book featuring artwork from Aubrey Beardsley - each turn of a page indicates a change in the acts.

Everything was FANTASTIC - the stage design, the costumes, the actors, the lines - simply put, THE PLAY WAS AMAZING. See more photos here on The Herald Sun's review.

We were so speechless after the play that we needed to chill out! We headed over to The Melbourne Supper Club on Spring Street.

Located on the second floor with a large window facing the street, you could easily miss its entrance if you didn't pay attention!

Here's the entrance - a single wooden door with a sliver of a sign!

Despite the nondescript entrance, it is warm and cosy inside!

Check out all those bottles on the bar! They serve a CRAZY FANTASTIC sticky date pudding which was SO GOOD I forgot to take photos of it and just gobbled it all down!

On the rooftop is Siglo bar. They have the same menu as The Melbourne Supper Club, but for some reason, it's called a different name.

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