Friday, January 6, 2012

Things I liked in Melbourne. 2.

I was smsing someone while blending in with the street art on Hosier Lane.

Tiled wall in Altona.

Supermarket shapes.

Who IS Jerry?

Branded wine glass at Cumulus.

Who took a bite out of that tree???!!!
Spotted in the suburbs: a very simple answer making sure trees don't interfere with cables.

Great textures and patterns on the jetty at Williamstown.

A 4 year old girl's 2 backpacks and 1 stuffed Miffy toy. Vivid and graphic.


Vernice! said...

the four year old girl's little back pack is SO CUTE!

Jo Soh said...

Hi Venice!

Yeah, those bags practically create happiness!


Vernice! said...

Vernice! haha I ain't a country >_<~

anyway! popped by from your shop's page! and i really love the clothes you design! (toobadimwaytoobroke) HAHA!

keep it up!

Jo Soh said...

Ooooops!!! My apologies!!! :-(
A typo mistake from typing too quickly!