Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am going to see Madonna.

I have loved Madonna since I was 10 years old. Hence, it has been a 26 year wait for my first ever Madonna concert. I bought VIP tickets to catch her in Seattle this October and I am SO SUPER DUPER EXCITED I am (nearly) speechless! 

I still have the cassette tape of her True Blue album - my personal favorite by far. 

And I still remember how at 10 years old, I was reading the lyrics for "Where's The Party" and I didn't know that the word "chaos" was spelt that way and spent my days wondering if it was a mis-print.
I pronounced it as "cha-os" (as in the Italian "ciao").
So embarrassing!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories.It takes me back to those times when I was a teenager.I used to have the LP vinyl record, but I don't anymore. Actually, I long to have it again. My favorite tracks on the album were ''Papa Don't Preach'' and ''True Blue''
I'm really surprised to see that you've kept the Madonna True Blue tape for so many years.
I feel genuinely glad for you!