Monday, February 27, 2012

SS12 print development - Kueh Lapis Lines for hansel.

Yeeeeah, the names that I give for my print designs are pretty literal. 

I was intrigued by how these images were made up of a series of fine lines...

So I experimented.

And managed to find a more refined way to interpret the Kueh Lapis for the dressier hansel label.

I had them cascading down the fabric. Where the pieces gather is also the location of the waist of a dress. This creates a visually slimming effect (I know ladies would appreciate this!).

After some miscommunication issues with the fabric print factory....

We finally got what we wanted. So I pinned the swatch on another pretty assistant (my studio seems to be full of them!) to check on the scale and overall effect when seen against a real body.

The "Big Kueh Lapis" printed jersey swatches for the hello hansel label arrived at the same time so we checked on the scale and appearance of those too. (She's holding up the printed paper artwork so I could compare the difference.)

Once we were happy with all the swatches, it's the green light for the factories to go full steam ahead!

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