Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SS12 theme artwork & special kueh hangtag!

I have been creating an illustrative theme artwork for each collection since day one, regardless of whether the collection had a fabric print or not! For this collection, it was quite obvious to me that the Kueh Lapis artwork from the hello hansel label made for a more striking piece. We also thought about how to explain to people who might know of the little piece of cake or who might not realize that the print was of the kueh (cake).

Often, the first thing that appears in my mind proves to be the best way to go. In this instance, I immediately pictured a BIG piece of Kueh Lapis hanging on the dress, like this mock up!

The collection is supported under the National Heritage Board's Heritage Industry Incentive Programme (Hi2P) so I tried to find a nice spot for their logos.
The hansel logos were in weird space up on the top left hand corner so we moved them down next to the NHB and HiP logos for the final artwork, but a BIG Kueh Lapis it was and a BIG Kueh Lapis it ended up being. We even sourced special red/white string to match the ones that are already on our paper bags.

More on that in my next post! 

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