Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hansel for Her World magazine - the Tiers of Joy scarf!

It's ALWAYS so fun and exciting to see my artworks appearing on different mediums. This month, buy a copy of Her World magazine's April edition and get a free hansel scarf! (Do check to see that you got your hansel scarf when you buy the mag!)

I bought a copy today!

That's my hand-drawn Kueh Lapis from my SS12 "Tiers of Joy"collection.

This was the artwork that I had submitted to Her World.

Me likey their hand-drawn illustrations on how to use the scarf.

It's so cool to see this text! I was reading Her World magazine when I was 10 or 12 years old for fashion design inspiration.

Monday, March 26, 2012

SS12 hansel shop decor & party decor.

Distracted by a bit of Uncle inspiration back there!

Being the small business owner that I am, I oversee and do ALOT in my company, including visual merchandising for my shop!

Days after our SS12 lookbook photoshoot and campaign video shoot at the studio, we had some of the paper kitchen "furniture" transported to the hansel Mandarin Gallery shop. It was pretty surreal to see the paper fridge on the side of the street like some discarded old fridge.

 This is how I plan my shop decor - some rough sketches to help visualize the final layout.

This was what I had by the end of the night at the shop - I tweaked it a bit more the next day.

The shop front felt a little bare (hansel is about hyper colour afterall)...

So we created a wall of coloured satin ribbons behind each mannequin display area. (And laid colourful rows of Vitamin Water bottles at the mannequin's feet on the day of the shop launch party!)

My assistant created a Kueh Lapis tablecloth from painstakingly piecing strips of coloured fabric together! VERY cool!

The other side of the shop, just behind the counter, had the hand-drawn chair, lamp and old-fashioned Chinese calendar, and Mr CEO (Hansel the dog) guarding the service counter itself. 

On the day of the shop party, we hung up the Kueh Lapis bag sample too! The bag will be coming into the shop soon  - email me for details!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Uncle inspiration.

I saw a GREAT colour combination while waiting in queue behind an old Uncle at the bank! I simply had to sneak some pics on my phone...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hansel for DBS

Some time ago, we designed the uniforms for DBS Bank - I thoroughly enjoyed the project cos I LOVE uniforms - and recently just per chance, I saw the woven label for the first time! Production was quite rushed so I didn't get the chance to see it when they first made it.

*sniff* It makes me proud.
Asian designer for an Asian bank!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SS12 shop party, Sun 11 March 2012.

We had a REALLY successful party on Sunday 11 March to launch the SS12 "Tiers of Joy" collection at my shop. You can see all the photos here on The hansel Facebook Page but here are my personal favourite moments.

The very BIG and very colourful custom-made birthday cake.

I thought I'd be narcissistic and celebrate my birthday, and that of my design assistant Hazel, again at the shop party. It was meant to follow the same colours that make up the Kueh Lapis. The colours, especially the red, did not quite come out as strong as I'd hoped, but it was still a colourful treat and the flavour was great! I can't remember when I last had a proper custom-made cake for my birthday, so this was a BIG highlight for me!

2) The BLUE potato. 
The blue coloured mashed potato canape was a twee too uncomfortably Play-Doh blue, especially since it was a savoury food, but boy did it get a reaction from the guests!!! I nicked this photo below from my compere friend Charissa Seet - now she makes it look sexy to eat bright blue food!  (Photo below from Charissa Seet.)

3) The Stack-a-Kueh-Lapis game. 
I brought in my Lego bricks from home, and we created this simple game where 2 people compete against each other to see who stacks a kueh lapis quicker! The winner gets a hansel greeting card. What was interesting was to see how playfully competitive the guests got! Here's my friend Uly trying to steal bricks off his opponent!

4) The wonder of Lego. 
There's something about Lego. Both kids and adults were playing with them!

And I started to see these at the games table! :-)

5) My niece, Isabella Soh. 
OK of course I am biased. But I love her shiny hair, I love her smile, and I love how comfortable she is in front of the camera. (She's going to turn into a star, she will.) And I love how much simple fun she was having at the party. Watching kids play is always inspiring! This is a polaroid of Isabella, my brother Ian and me and my glass of champagne. ;-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SS12 video shoot.

WOW WHAT A PARTY it was on Sunday!

I hope you were able to join us for some of our interesting coloured food concoctions and a nice serving of our Kueh Lapis dresses. There were plenty of compliments on our new SS12 campaign video too so let me finish writing about the video shooting process and then post up the actual video!

Firstly, let me introduce freelance actress, the AMAZING Maryanne Fairwin. She had SO MUCH ENERGY even though it was a tiring full day shoot and NEVER complained even once. That's professionalism for you!

The Peranakan kebaya that she's wearing is loaned from the Peranakan Museum. This style of blouse and brooches are the sort that would be worn by a Peranakan lady at home, so it's quite apt!

That's Ben Siow from Abundant Productions on the left, having a discussion with the cameraman. 

With everything in place, they roll the first shot! 

Ben watches all the action from a screen.

The day goes on and on.... 

For the Kueh Lapis knitted dress, we were planning to "bake" it so coloured dough was sourced for the scene.

The dough is then rolled out onto a handmade baking tray.

The crew rolls it our properly before Maryanne pops it into the "oven". 

In goes the tray of rolled dough into the "oven"!

This is supposed to be the finished product once the dough is freshly "baked".

It sits alongside the other finished "dishes" on the counter.

In between takes, Maryanne plays around with the coloured dough!

After a short break, Maryanne is up and ready and raring to go!

She starts to make a very colourful soup!
(One of the camera crew passes her a bottle off-camera.)

Just look at her go! 

The final closing shot with the 4 signature pieces from this season on my hand-drawn side wall.

Even after a long and tiring day, Maryanne willingly poses for a photo!

Kueh, Kueh, I love you.... (stacked on my hand-drawn "plate".)

Out of the blue during filming, I noticed that the Green paper roll on the wall, the White walls, and the Red, Blue and Yellow tees that the camera crew were wearing, were the exact same five colours that made up my Kueh Lapis print! That's serendipity. . .

And then, at the end of another looong day, IT'S A WRAP! Yaaay!