Monday, March 26, 2012

SS12 hansel shop decor & party decor.

Distracted by a bit of Uncle inspiration back there!

Being the small business owner that I am, I oversee and do ALOT in my company, including visual merchandising for my shop!

Days after our SS12 lookbook photoshoot and campaign video shoot at the studio, we had some of the paper kitchen "furniture" transported to the hansel Mandarin Gallery shop. It was pretty surreal to see the paper fridge on the side of the street like some discarded old fridge.

 This is how I plan my shop decor - some rough sketches to help visualize the final layout.

This was what I had by the end of the night at the shop - I tweaked it a bit more the next day.

The shop front felt a little bare (hansel is about hyper colour afterall)...

So we created a wall of coloured satin ribbons behind each mannequin display area. (And laid colourful rows of Vitamin Water bottles at the mannequin's feet on the day of the shop launch party!)

My assistant created a Kueh Lapis tablecloth from painstakingly piecing strips of coloured fabric together! VERY cool!

The other side of the shop, just behind the counter, had the hand-drawn chair, lamp and old-fashioned Chinese calendar, and Mr CEO (Hansel the dog) guarding the service counter itself. 

On the day of the shop party, we hung up the Kueh Lapis bag sample too! The bag will be coming into the shop soon  - email me for details!


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, and i thought the backdrop was a photoshopped background! ~ Edwina

Jo Soh said...

Thank you Edwina!
We aren't THAT advanced yet! ;-)