Thursday, March 1, 2012

SS12 hangtag - THE special string.

Yes yes yes yes THE STRING!
Yes yes yes yes I get EXCITED ABOUT STRING!!!
The very same string that appears on our customized shop paper bags. We bought a packet from our vendor just for these SS12 Kueh Lapis hangtags.

Just opening the packet and seeing all that heart-racing red and white string inside is EXCITING!
("Brown paper packages wrapped up in string.... these are a few of my favourite things....")

Loooook at THAT!
That is a BLOCK of string! It resembles a big pack of dried noodles! 

I had to hold it up just to give you a sense of the scale. 
Aaaaaaahhh..... enough excitement for the day. 8-)
So much more to share. I took my signature black and white props drawing to the next level for the lookbook photoshoot and yes, a video shoot as well!



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