Monday, March 5, 2012

SS12 lookbook shoot.

For our lookbook, we met some pretty models from Mannequin during our casting.
This is Maya. 

And this is Hana! (I LOVE her bangs and her natural waves)
After 2 days of model castings, as I was staring at the casting photos, it suddenly hit me that the lookbook girl simply had to be Asian to sit in well with the local theme!

And that's when we found Bao Ling...
 She was HOT and HIRED for the job!

So, continuing where I left off with the props. Once the small props were done...
We moved into Chase's photo studio (Chase is INOTHERWORDS) to build the set for the lookbook shoot and the video shoot. Abundant Productions' Ben (he was doing the video shoot lined up for the day after the lookbook shoot) showed up with his hardworking team and even his wife Inez (she who does the handmade jewellery INEZ DESIGNS and sells them in my shop) to spend loooong hours putting the set together.

That was when we started wondering WHY we had thought that building our own paper kitchen set would be SUCH A GREAT IDEA???!!!

By around 10 or 11pm (I can't remember!), this was what we had ready for our lookbook shoot the next day. 


Just look at the MAC Cosmetics bright orange lipstick on Bao Ling - LOVE it! The wonderfully talented Kenneth Lee did the hair and makeup. I like my lookbook shoot hair and makeup simple, and Kenneth does it magic simple. :-) These 2 shots below were taken from Kenneth's phone.

Most of the footwear used in the lookbook shoot were from Steve Madden

My art director cousin Ginny is super creative, understands hansel's brand direction and I trust her vision, so whatever she asks for, I draw! Here I was drawing Hansel the dog, my real CEO.

The finished dog drawing propped against the "fridge".

Hansel the dog appears in a few of the shots! Try to see if you could spot the dog on the final lookbook shots!

In between shots, I attempt to eat fire... 

AND swallow a knife.
Damn, the things that I have to do as the designer and owner of the label. 

Here are 3 of my favourite shots. You can view all the shots here on The hansel Facebook Page.

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