Friday, March 2, 2012

SS12 lookbook & video campaign plannin' & preppin'

I come across this amazing stop motion animation video by PES on YouTube some time ago.

The imagination portrayed in the video left such a deep impression on me that I thought of it instantly when my art director cousin Ginny and I came to plan for the SS12 lookbook and video campaign. 
The Kueh Lapis is food afterall and has such unique vibrant colours (I think it's the traditional version of the current cake rage - the rainbow cake) that I wondered what created the colours.

Taking a leaf from the PES video, but acknowledging that the Kueh Lapis is a local dessert, I started thinking that perhaps the red colour came from red rubber bands (often used by local hawkers to package food with), the blue from Lego bricks (stolen from a baby's toy box), etc. We started imagining this Singaporean auntie rushing around her kitchen, grabbing coloured non-food ingredients and chucking them in the wok, like she's preparing for a big family meal.
That would form the basis for the SS12 video (I shan't reveal too much!) and then for the SS12 lookbook photoshoot, we simply replace auntie with model.
Initially we thought of searching for a real old school kitchen, something like a HDB kitchen, with mosaic tiles and all. We were looking at using a friend's HDB kitchen...
However, Ben (director from Abundant Productions)  said the set up was going to be tough to get the shots that he needed. 

So, not realizing how much work it was really going to take, Ginny, Ben and I thought, Hey! Why don't we build our own 3D paper kitchen then we could have whatever we wanted?! 

This would also be a great continuity for the signature hansel style starring my black/white drawings (which had sorta started during the Paper Dolly collection). This photo was from our Paper Dolly lookbook shoot:

And this was the shop decoration at our Stamford House shop during the Paper Dolly season:

So after a quick rough sketch of how we wanted the set to look like: 
We set about building the set and props, casting for the right Singaporean auntie and the right model...

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