Saturday, March 3, 2012

SS12 props makin'!

I really DO enjoy this part of my job - drawing hand-made props!!!

That's something SO FUN about these make-believe props - the sense of humour and imagination that far exceeds the simplicity of the materials (cardboard, mahjong paper, double sided tape, glue and BIG FAT markers). If you can word this sense of wonder better than me, please feel free to comment.

So YES boys and girls, we are making kitchen accessories (and the odd clothes hangers) today....

Here we have an oversized "wooden" spoon... 

A Chinese frying spatula. 

I'm looking a little too crazy in this photo. Could be the marker fumes that I was breathing in. 

Two dimensional hangers (good ol' IKEA hangers were perfect for the job!). 

Deciding on which box to use to create the kitchen timer.
Went with the Gryphon tea box in the end (had to empty all the teabags into a plastic container).

Drawing on the wrapped tea box.

Yes the timer dial moves!

I attempted to draw a traditional Peranakan plate. 

Not quite sure if others could see that it's a plate, but Ben the video director liked it, so I finished it anyhow...

Don't you mess with me!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the old fashioned tiffin carriers that were used to carry tiers of food back in the day. 

Throw in a wok, a rolling pin, a pair of salt and pepper shakers, a mixing bowl and my personal favourite, an old fashioned kettle, and we're ready for the BIGGER props! 


shen said...

these are so cute! i love the kueh lapis collection! it's fabulous! i should go back and intern when you are making it again hahaha

Jo Soh said...

Thank you!

You're welcome back at the hansel studio anytime! :-)