Saturday, March 17, 2012

SS12 shop party, Sun 11 March 2012.

We had a REALLY successful party on Sunday 11 March to launch the SS12 "Tiers of Joy" collection at my shop. You can see all the photos here on The hansel Facebook Page but here are my personal favourite moments.

The very BIG and very colourful custom-made birthday cake.

I thought I'd be narcissistic and celebrate my birthday, and that of my design assistant Hazel, again at the shop party. It was meant to follow the same colours that make up the Kueh Lapis. The colours, especially the red, did not quite come out as strong as I'd hoped, but it was still a colourful treat and the flavour was great! I can't remember when I last had a proper custom-made cake for my birthday, so this was a BIG highlight for me!

2) The BLUE potato. 
The blue coloured mashed potato canape was a twee too uncomfortably Play-Doh blue, especially since it was a savoury food, but boy did it get a reaction from the guests!!! I nicked this photo below from my compere friend Charissa Seet - now she makes it look sexy to eat bright blue food!  (Photo below from Charissa Seet.)

3) The Stack-a-Kueh-Lapis game. 
I brought in my Lego bricks from home, and we created this simple game where 2 people compete against each other to see who stacks a kueh lapis quicker! The winner gets a hansel greeting card. What was interesting was to see how playfully competitive the guests got! Here's my friend Uly trying to steal bricks off his opponent!

4) The wonder of Lego. 
There's something about Lego. Both kids and adults were playing with them!

And I started to see these at the games table! :-)

5) My niece, Isabella Soh. 
OK of course I am biased. But I love her shiny hair, I love her smile, and I love how comfortable she is in front of the camera. (She's going to turn into a star, she will.) And I love how much simple fun she was having at the party. Watching kids play is always inspiring! This is a polaroid of Isabella, my brother Ian and me and my glass of champagne. ;-)


doublexuan said...

The food looks so amazing to look at! I LOVED your Tiers of Joy Campaign video and the entire campaign in general. The concept is simply genius!

Jo Soh said...

Hi doublexuan, thank you so much! Feel free to share the SS12 campaign video!